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When would you like your first box delivered?


How soon can you deliver?
We only need one days notice! So if you order today, we can deliver the day after tomorrow!
I have a discount code, where do I enter it?
You'll be able to enter your discount code at the checkout.
Do you deliver on the weekend?
We are unable to offer weekend delivery at the moment.
Do I need to be home for my delivery?
No. Your meals are wrapped in upcycled insulation and will keep fresh until you’re home the night of your delivery. You can also pick a ‘safe place’ for your box in the DPD app (download in Apple Store or Google Play).
Am I locked into a subscription?
No. You can cancel, pause, skip or change your subscription – anytime. Just log into your account and edit, or email eathappy@vibrantvegan.co.uk
What if my delivery doesn’t arrive?
Your box is our responsibility until it’s safely in your arms. So if there’s ever a problem, please email eathappy@vibrantvegan.co.uk or call 0208 0365 899. We’ll put things right and give you a refund.
Can I change my meals?
Sure thing. Just log into your account to swap up your meals. We’ll email you a reminder 3 days before your box is due to arrive, so you’ve got time to mix things up. Variety is the spice of life!