About us

Meet Our Founder, Iain

I created VV to be a tasty, plant-powered force for good. Having two children made me think about the future of the world they would grow up in. It soon became apparent that eating less meat and dairy was the single biggest thing anyone of us can do to reduce their carbon footprint and get the world back on track.

I believe good habits are easiest when they’re part of our daily routine and make life even more enjoyable, so I set out to ensure VV meals would always bring a smile to people’s faces. I summarise what we are about like this: good for you, good for the planet and good for others.

Good For You

Chef Made

Our chefs in London are always aiming for the best taste as well as nutrition. Most recently we lowered the amount of salt so we now have far less than other similar options. We develop new recipes all the time to keep your freezer full of ludicrously tasty dishes


Not just frozen, but blast frozen! Instantly freezing each meal means they remain as mouth-watering and nutritious when you heat them up at home. And it get’s even better: frozen food means less waste - no worrying about food going off in the fridge.

Ready in 8 mins

You can heat our meals in the microwave in as few as 8 mins, so no excuse to get hangry. But if you feel more leisurely pop them in the oven and take time to watch your favourite show or listen to a podcast.

Good For The Planet

Currently humans are using up more resource than the planet has to give, so we are trying to do our little bit to help out Mother Earth:

It’s all about the plants.

A plant-based diet is a sure-fire way to cut down your carbon footprint. Whether you choose to do it once a week or for every meal, it’s all a step in the right direction.

The total package.

Our meal trays are made from 95% sustainable recyclable paper materials (we’re working on the other 5% but at the moment it’s necessary to keep your meals fresh) and our sleeves are fully recyclable. The insulation around your meals is made from recycled denim (that’s what happened to your mum’s old jeans!) and it can be returned to us for free along with the outer packaging, so we can use them again and again!

Let’s remain neutral

Our delivery partners operate a carbon neutral service which means your box arrives with a net zero impact on our gorgeous planet

Good For Others

Partnering with War Child to Help Those Less Fortunate

Every time you buy a Vibrant Vegan meal. we donate money to War Child to help support a child in need. From food and safety to education: there are some fundamentals which children in war-torn countries can’t take for granted.

That’s where War Child steps in - helping those whose lives have been torn apart by war. They aim to reach children as early as possible when conflict breaks, supporting them through their recovery and equipping them with skills for their future.

I thought I would create meals that were ludicrously tasty and super convenient so more people could enjoy the benefits of a plant-based diet.

- Iain Burke-Hamilton