Easy Vegan Flavour Hacks


If you’re trying out Veganuary for the first time, you're #VeganCurious, or simply looking to eat more plant-based food in 2021 – these handy hacks will help save you time & energy!

Flavour flavour flavour! Sometimes a big part of missing animal products is simply the absence of stronger flavours that they are often paired with. 


8 Ingredients to add flavour to vegan meals

  1. Vegetable bouillon powder – add 1 tsp into your sauces to add a savoury hit. 
  2. Porcini paste – a delightful umami taste that will enhance pasta, rice or noodle dishes. 
  3. Marmite – add this to vegan gravy to add a wonderful depth of flavour. 
  4. Kecap Manis – this is basically sweet soy sauce (you can make it yourself by gently heating tamari soy sauce with 1 tbsp dark brown sugar until it turns syrupy) – add this to any Asian inspired dishes that are missing hoisin or fish sauce. 
  5. Garlic & onion powder – super easy & affordable way to add lots of flavour to your meals. 
  6. Meat seasoning – often seasonings such as BBQ rub powders or Jerk spices are recommended to serve with meat but are in fact 100% vegan – add these to your meals whenever you have a craving! Double check the labels though just in case. 
  7. BBQ Sauce – such a great way to add a bit of spice & all things nice to your meals. Why not try making your own BBQ pulled jackfruit?
  8. Sriracha - spice things up with some sriracha, we love it on everything. Remember, you can always add more 😉


Want more vegan cooking hacks?

We’re all about making your life easier so we’ve put together these guides to help you!

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