We want our 100% vegan food to be as nutritious as it is delicious – and we want eating well to be as easy as reading this sentence. So how do we make our meals so nutrient-rich? And what does it mean when we say our food is “good for you”? Glad you asked!


We’re suckers for science

Research has shown that balanced plant-based diets are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Reducing your risk of diabetes and autoimmune diseases. Improving your blood-sugar regulation.  Protecting against certain cancers. And it’s associated with improved mental health too. But the magic word is ‘balance’...


We’re big on balance

Eating vegan isn’t healthy by default. You need to fill each plate with vegetables, whole-grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and fruits. (Like we do!) So you won’t fall back on lots of processed carbs.

We want to cater for everybody’s tastes and nutritional needs, so we’ve created 18 different meals with different nutritional profiles. Some are protein-packed. Some are low-calorie. And others that are chock-full of complex carbohydrates to power you through your day

And the choice doesn’t end can choose a ready-made box with meals designed to suit your body-bootiful goals, or build your very own box from our vibrant menu.


We’re nutty about nutrition

Our meals are made from scratch using whole, unprocessed, natural ingredients. And because we’re all about eating the rainbow, each meal is packed with plant-based goodness – you’ll find at least 3* of your 5 a day in every serving.

Our nutritional favs include smoked tofu in our Piri Piri Jambalaya and Tofu Sriracha No-Meatballs – because it’s packed with iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and zinc. We also love nutritional yeast – one of the best (and yummiest!) sources of B-vitamins. And you can’t beat the humble cauliflower (found in our Mumbai Cauli Thali and Hearty Persian Hotbox) for its gut-loving fibre, B-vitamins, vitamin C, K and antioxidants.


We’re huge fans of frozen

Not only is freezing our food helping us live our best ‘zero waste’ life, it also keeps it chokka with preserved vitamins and minerals. So after cooking our meals, we rapidly cool – and then immediately freeze – them.

Like our clever nutritionist Alicia says, “When food is at an ambient or refrigerated temperature, it’s nutritional value is compromised – because it’s exposed to more oxidation. So freezing is the best way to ensure that our food is packed full of goodness when it reaches you.”


We love local

We can’t resist taking culinary inspiration from our travels. But we always try and fly the flag for British produce where we can! Like the British qQuinoa we get from the folks at the British qQuinoa company in Shropshire – and award-winning tofu from Dragonfly Foods in Exeter.

As well as reducing our carbon footprint, buying locally means our food hasn’t undergone a long sea or air voyage – so it’s fresher when it arrives. And it hasn’t come into contact with lots of preservatives, ripeners and pesticides during its journey. Boom!

So that’s it really! That’s how we make our meals so crammed with goodness – to give folk like you the energy you need to surf life’s rainbow.

Feeling peckish? Check out the menu! 

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