Meet the team: Bianca 🤩


We've got a pretty epic team here at VV (we may be biased 😉) so we thought we'd introduce you to them all!

First up is our superstar Customer Service lead Bianca. 

She wears many different hats across the business, and she is totally vital behind the scenes, ensuring all of your orders run smoothly and making sure any changes you require are made.

Some of you may have even been lucky enough to chat with her on the phone!

We've asked her some quick fire questions so you can get to know her better:

What’s your favourite VV meal & why? 

My favourite dish has to be the Moreish Malaysian Dumplings. I really love the noodles and the red pepper slices - I like spice!

Are you vegan?
No I'm not. VV is for everyone, whether you've not eaten meat in years or just looking to up your veg intake!

Why do you like working at VV?

I really like helping people - I find it really fulfilling and I get to talk to different people every day which means no day is the same!

I do enjoy hearing the feedback, as some our customers do really rely on the home delivery service even more so now.

I'm saving for my next holiday and it's helping me get on that plane so I can be sipping a cocktail next to the pool (Also, I have never been on a plane so it would be my first time going abroad! 😀)

Do you have any tips for eating more plant based food?
Be open minded! You might be surprised by how easy and delicious meals can be  without meat in!

What series are you watching/book are you reading at the moment?
I'm currently watching two; Invincible on Amazon Prime and Comic Batman:Three Jokers.

What’s a random fact you love?
My most random fact I love is LEGO holds the Guinness World Record for the world's largest manufacturer of tires

What’s your most embarrassing song on Spotify?
There are no embarrassing songs on my Spotify - I have no shame in my music :) 

What is something about you that the VV team don’t know about you?

I have also never been to a theme park/on a rollercoaster, though I am pretty certain I’m scared of heights! 

What are you most excited about lockdown lifting?
I can't wait to eat inside at restaurants and cafes! No more shivering in the cold with a million layers on, plus, Deliveroo just isn't the same!


Got a burning question for a member of our team? DM us on Insta @vibrantveganco and it could be included in our next feature!

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