Best Alternatives To Salt


Salt is added to many foods to enhance the flavour, however, too much salt can cause raised blood pressure, increasing your risk of heart disease and stroke.

High blood pressure often has no symptoms, and many people who have high blood pressure do not know it. 

As part of our commitment to providing nutritionally balanced dishes, we've cut back on the salt content of our dishes.


Do you find yourself heading for the white stuff with every meal? Think your meal needs a lil' something something? 

Top alternatives to salt

  • 🍋 - Use citrus or vinegar for some zing
  • 🌶 - Use chilli or mustard powder for heat
  • 🌿 - Sprinkle or stir in some chopped herbs
  • 🍴- Grind on some pink, white or black pepper


How can you cut down salt day to day?

  1. Make your own stock and gravy instead of using cubes or granules, or look out for reduced-salt products.
  2. Try baking or roasting vegetables such as red peppers, tomatoes, courgettes, fennel, parsnips and squash to bring out their flavour.
  3. Make sauces using ripe tomatoes and garlic.
  4. Buy tinned vegetables without added salt. Do the same with tinned pulses.
  5. Compare nutrition labels on food packaging when buying everyday items. You can really cut your salt intake by checking the label and choosing the pasta sauce, ketchup or breakfast cereal that's lower in salt. Try choosing 1 food a week to check and swap when you're food shopping.



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